We offer the finest bulk ingredients in the most convenient packaging to our valued bulk customers. Our primary focus is quality, not throughput, nor yield, nor costs.

Gherkins are graded according to the count which is the number of fruits per kilogram. 'Higher the count, greater the value' is the general rule. The grades generally followed are: 300/450, 150/300, 120/150, 80/150, 80/120, 60/80, 30/60, 30/40, 20/30, 10/20 and 5/10. According to experts, the perfect gherkin should have a length to diameter ratio of 3:1 with the ideal length being between two to four inches. In North America, a perfect gherkin is expected to sport seven warts per square inch all over its outer surface, while in Europe gherkins without any wart is preferred

For bulk packing, fruits are dry-culled for all defects and sorted grade-wise. These are then soaked in water before washing. Thoroughly washed fruits are sent over the conveyor belt and culled again for defects. Then they are put inside the barrel and natural alcoholic vinegar, acetic acid or brine is added per the specifications of the buyers. After final quality inspections are over, 150-180 Kilograms are packed in each 220/240 liter barrel and the barrel is closed with lid for shipment.