Partnering with growers for sustainable farming
Contract Farming

Ecovinal International Pvt Ltd carries out contract farming of pickled vegetables across 3 different regions in Southern India primarily to provide our esteemed customers un-interrupted supply of our products all the year round. Geographically very well located, the factory is within 50-350 Kms radius of the farming area which enables us to not only ensure shorter lead time but helps us achieve our objective of delivering fresh and quality products to our customers.

Our 4,000 farmers, who help Ecovinal achieve the timely delivery of products are consistently trained to provide an overall development to their farming techniques which facilitates higher productivity in turn promoting higher earning for the farmers. Educating the farmers is an integral process of the company’s policy’s in which we take great pride in. The multi crop approach and holistic development ensures that farmers earn throughout the year during all seasons. Grievance addressal is constitutional to the company for the very reason that not only is the problem to be eliminated but a solution to be provided to the farmer which is practical and satisfactory in nature.

Below is the method followed to control the pest activity.

  • Fruit Fly Management: we follow fruit fly management at the farm level for every crop grown and in order to ensure farmer benefit, we subsidize imported protein bait.
  • Border Crop : Sow thickly four rows of maize (Preferable African tall) around the gherkin plot, onw week prior to the gherkin sowing.
  • Pheromone traps: install 8 cue lure blocks per acre to attract the male fruit flies. It is for monitoring purpose and in high number gives management by mating disruption.
  • Protein bait : Weekly spray of protein bait - Prima Protein bait @ 400ml in .6 litrs of water and malathion 12 ml per 3.6 litrs of water.

Traceability- Given the vital importance of traceability, it is deeply embedded in our process and system to certify that traceability is done right to the seed. Hence we take great care in maintaining the traceability from seed to shelf.

About Ecovinal

Ecovinal International Pvt. Ltd (EIPL) is a vinegar and pickle producer and supplier world wide

Factory: Plot No. 82-90, KIADB Industrial Area, Kunigal - 572130, Karnataka, India.
CIN : U51101KA1999PTC024754

Phone: +91 98454 01630 / 98867 14875
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