We are one of the leading supplier of Gherkins (cucumber/cornichon) and Vinegar from India.

Ecovinal International Pvt. Ltd. (EIPL) was established in 1998 to produce Natural Vinegar. With installed capacity of 30 million litres per year, we remain predominant supplier of this ingredient to picklers in India & abroad.

EIPL diversified in Gherkins/Cornichons production in 2011-12 and in a short span of six years, it has become the preferred supplier of bulk and shelf ready products to reputed companies in key markets. Our current turnover in FY 2020 is USD 10 million.

We are supported by professionals in Agriculture, Food Processing, Sales & Logistics Management.

Our key buyers include global chains in USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Chile, Peru and GCC countries.

Vinegar Manufacturing

Vinegar Manufacturing

Producing 30 million liters per year at 13% acidity. The retail product is at 5% acidity. Apple Cider and Flavoured Vinegars are produced against orders.

We are approved by discerning customers like Heinz, Unilever, Kuhne & Nestle.

Gherkins/Pickles Manufacturing

With independent lines for bulk and packed products, we can simultaneously pack for various customers. We can throughput 50,000 kgs of vegetables per day.

The facility (20,000 sq.mt) meets global food industry standards.

Gherkins/Pickles Manufacturing
About Ecovinal

Ecovinal International Pvt. Ltd (EIPL) is a vinegar and pickle producer and supplier world wide

Factory: Plot No. 82-90, KIADB Industrial Area, Kunigal - 572130, Karnataka, India.
CIN : U51101KA1999PTC024754

Phone: +91 98454 01630 / 98867 14875
Email: sales@ecovinalinternational.com